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    NATO used to be the world’s most formidable military alliance. But, its original reason for existence, the Soviet Union, disintegrated years ago, and its dreams of being a world cop are withering in the mountains of Afghanistan.

    Meanwhile, the European Union’s Common Security & Defense Policy (CSDP) has deployed twenty-seven successful military/civil missions from Africa to Asia in the last ten years. Through CSDP, Europeans are increasingly taking charge of managing their own foreign and security policy. NATO is no longer the sole and preeminent Euro-Atlantic security actor.

    But watching NATO fade into irrelevance would be a mistake. It is a tried and true platform to harness the resources of North America and Europe. NATO’s future usefulness depends on its willingness to accept its reduced role, to let the EU handle the day-to-day security needs of Europe, and to craft a relationship with CSDP that will allow North America and Europe to act militarily together, should that ever become necessary.

    It is time for NATO 2.0, a new version of NATO, to fit the realities of an ever more integrated Europe in the twenty-first century.

Why this site?

This site was created to track progress of the book I am now writing: 

NATO 2.0; Reboot or Delete?

Am writing it for anyone interested in this important current affairs topic, not just the experts.


My book will deal with the future of NATO.

  • Is there a future for NATO?
  • What is the future of NATO?
  • Does anyone care?

As I share my thoughts with you, will you share your thoughts with me? For starters,

  • What does NATO mean to you? Can you tell me in one short paragraph?
  • Should Russia be allowed to join NATO?
  • Did you know that 30,000 NATO troops serve in Afghanistan? (Not counting the 64,000 U.S. troops.)
  • Without America the EU would be defenseless. So America is the ultimae guarantor of peace & security in Europe. Do you agree? Y?/N?  Why?

I’ll soon start posting to this site.

Please stand by. Thank you.

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